Nowadays dating relationships have flourished between Filipina and Western men. Internet expands people’s preferences to find the right one. Filipina, on the other hand, chosen by different races feels delighted having a white guy who loves her though  there are certain disputes  with regards to differences. However guy should embrace her culture and be aware of her wants and needs as part of her traditional values.
        Be sweet. She will appreciate greetings on her birthday and flowers that no matter how simple it is. Having a surprise candle light dinner once in while could make her love you more.
        Communication is said to be the most vital part in a relationship. Encourage her to speak up what’s bothering her if she seems unrelated. Filipina is typically shy and she might hesitate to tell you thinking you may not understand and would cause conflict.
        Respect her if she wants to go to church, don’t tell negative things about religion that you might think would work for her to change her faith .Some white guy would complain about their girlfriends devotion to church saying that its only intended for stupid people who believe that miracles do work. Also respect the people close to her, get along with her family.
        Be appreciative. Cooking for someone you love may not be easy. Specially when it’s not your passion. But you can tell that it’s a food of love so learn to appreciate everything she does to please you.
        Pamper her. One quality that a Filipina likes about Filipino men is that they pamper women very well. When she sulks and go to the balcony alone, she’ll anticipate you would follow and hug her...
        Spend a getaway with her. She will appreciate it if you spend your free time with her through  getaway,(bonfire on the beach at night would be best and romantic).She would understand if  you bond with your friends as well just don’t make her worry by keeping in touch and let her know  about what’s going on.
        Holding hands while walking is a common cliché but it’s important to show that you’re proud of her. It makes the relationship healthy if you show affection no matter how with each other.
        Satisfy her in bed and make her aware of your fantasies, she would be glad to please you in bed but be fair.:D         If you got complains, talk to her properly, she would surely be open minded enough not to take it on the wrong way. Because she might want to change her ways too
        Don’t yell at her. Three important things you shouldn’t do to a person you love: don’t curse her, don’t swear and don’t hurt her (physically).
        Don’t take her for granted. Ask about her feelings. Ascertain what interests her and let her know about yours too.